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Buying a rug pad  helps adding to the longevity of your handmade rug. We have made it simple for you to purchase one of our signature thick or thin pads with 3 easy steps!

How it works

Why Buy Rug Padding?

To help in extending the life of your rug. Providing extra cushion and comfort. Rug pads reduce any wrinkles and slippage of your area rug, which also makes it easier to vacuum. Whether you need a rug pad for a hard surface or carpet, we have the selection for you. Whether you need a rug pad for a hard surface or carpet, we have the selection for you.

Different types of rug pads, such as thick rug pads, have become a necessity for all homes, especially homes that have wood flooring. They definitely need rug pad for hardwood floors to be able to bring the desired softness to their homes. You may not believe that using a pad under the rug can save you a lot of money in the long run and can prevent you from having a lot of problems. It does not matter at all where you place your rug, on wood, or mosaic or ceramic, the pad under the rug is very effective to hold your rug and prevent slipping and moving the rug. You can also use these pads for use under carpets, rugs, kilims, etc. You can buy thin and thick rug pads at very different prices and enjoy using them. There are many different types of under-carpet pads, such as thick  buy rug pads  under thin rug pads that you can enjoy.

Why should we use thick rug pads?

Note that buying thick rug pads will increase the life of your carpet and keep your carpet healthy. These pads are great for preventing the fibers under your rug from falling out and thinning, and keep it healthier. You can use different types of pads such as thick rug pads that you can experience the optimal use of your carpet. These pads act like a soft mattress under your rug and protect it from corrosion. Note that the pads under the carpet also prevent the floor from becoming colored in some cases, and also prevent the corners and edges of the carpet from being torn and wrinkled. If you have bought expensive Iranian handmade carpets, you can find a cost-effective way to protect your capital by buying thick rug pads, and by doing so, you can increase the life of your carpet for several years. It does not matter if you have a small child or an adult in your home, the carpet will always slip on the floor and this can be dangerous for people. You can use non slip rug pads to create a safe environment for yourself and your family.  Note that this phenomenon and the use of thick rug pads is a necessity for all homes and must be taken seriously to avoid various types of life and financial problems.

The advantages of using rug pads

Note that so far, we have information for you about different types of rug pads, now we want to name the benefits of using these pads for you.  In general, thick rug pads and non slip pads are damp and moisture insulating and do not allow moisture to pass and transfer it to the carpet.  In humid areas by the sea or mountainside, using thick rug pads can be a good insulator for your carpets and can prevent moisture from reaching it. The pad under the carpet also insulates heat and cold, and by generating static electricity, it does not allow heat to dissipate and heat and cold to pass through the floor of the building. Therefore, using thick rug pads for wet areas is one of the best ways to prevent energy waste and can save you money. It is interesting to know that the pads are sound insulation.  Note that this pad goes down to the ceiling of the building to prevent sound from passing from the floor of your building, and in the days when living in an apartment is a very big concern for people with small children and can solve people’s problems. Note that these pads prevent noise from passing downstairs.  rug pads are usually produced in a variety of colors that you can use different types of thick rug pads colors according to your taste and enjoy using them. The pad under the carpet is completely strong and is made of different types of compact and cellular foams, which are very resistant to cellular foams, therefore, you can   buy rugs pads and have shock-proof and sound-proof properties, and for this reason, they are considered as an insulation. Note that the rug pads are very reasonably priced and you can save as much as you can on your own costs by buying cheap rug pads.  Note that carpet pads have a very high efficiency due to their low price and can save a lot of money, so you can buy these pads in addition to enjoying the use of different types of thin and thick rug pads to protect the carpet from various factors and also use them as a cold, heat, and sound insulation.