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A simple method to make a great change on the decoration of your house, office, or anywhere else you wish, is to use a rug with a deep history behind it. Persian rugs are well-known for the perfect design, quality and history as well. If you are thinking of having a quick surf among Persian rugs or buy rugs online, let us welcome you warmly.

In order to know different kinds of rugs, it is better to categorize them with the style (or materials). Note that each style is provided in different sizes, so you can use a set of them or a single piece as you wish. Here are the most popular rug styles:

  1. Antique
  2. Silk & Wool
  3. Transitional
  4. Traditional
  5. Tribal
  6. Contemporary

Before reading further information about these styles, let’s learn a little more about the history of rugs.

History of rugs and Persian rugs

It was more than 5000 years ago that humans invented a new way of using animal furs such as camels and sheep with knotting them in order to make something we call rugs and carpet today. It is interesting to know that the first discovered rugs belong to the Middle east and mostly Persia. But this was not the reason for the fame of Persian rugs.

As the first rugs appeared, people were deeply satisfied with their handmade creations but little by little, newer designs were expanded and it turned into a tradition: “the more special designs on the rug, the classier it is!”. Persia started to combine the special art with colors and high quality materials and that’s exactly why Persian rugs get more and more popular each day.

What does Persian rugs represent?

Persian rugs are famous for the great use of color and art and usually symbolize special things such as Islamic and ancient architectures, epics, legend or real wars, some special events (e.g. Nowruz), picturing religious views like heaven, etc.

The point is the styles of rugs can directly impact on the designs. For example, silk and wool rugs usually represent more minimal arts as silk is a soft and thin type of thread in the thick and rough thread like wool.

Styles of rugs


This type of rugs refers to the ones that were more popular in ancient Persia. The first thing which will catch your eyes on antique rugs is probably the combination of colors and special abstracted shapes. You will definitely find the base color of ‘Red’ in all antique Persian rugs for sale. Believe it or not, having an antique Persian rug in your living room brings warmth and elegance to your place.

Silk and wool

Silk is a well-known material for luxurious styles in many countries. Now consider this material to be in your room, undoubtedly it will bring a stylish look to your place. Besides the material, the mesmerizing arts on this type of rugs is like you have a painting on the ground which can impressively involve you in the patterns for hours.


The combination of ancient and modern rugs is what transitional rugs bring to your house. Sometimes minimal designs and sometimes a special method of painting is mixed with this outstanding handicraft and makes a truly particular choice for the fans. The best point if this type of rug is that you can simply match it with any type of furniture as the used colors are usually neutral based.


To be honest, the most popular type of Persian rugs is traditional ones which sometimes picture and events in ancient years of Persia such as the wars that happened in the poems of great poets such as Shahnameh (book of Kings). But not all traditional Persian rugs are like that. You can also find some special arts and artistic mixture of geometrical shapes which represent a sight.


This type of rugs mostly refers to tribes and nomadic ancient (or even present) Persian people who made the rugs to be a help in expenses by selling them. Little by little the customers of these rugs have increased and nowadays, exporting tribal rugs is one of the main jobs tribal and nomadic people do.


Contemporary or modern rugs are the ones which can incredibly fit any type of decoration with any cultural background. You can also find mono-color rugs in this type of rugs if you are not a big fan of colorful styles.

Can I use Persian rugs anywhere I wish to?

This is one of those FAQs everyone may ask: ‘where to put my Persian rugs I bought?’. Well, it totally depends on your personal taste but, Persian rugs are a flexible choice to match with all types of decorations, rooms, styles and cultures.

Where to buy rugs online?

Now, if you are interested in buying rugs, you will probably wonder where to buy it? Or where to buy rugs near me? Here, at Shabahang rug gallery, regardless of your location in the US, we offer you all the 6 mentioned styles of rugs in different sizes. You can simply buy rugs online in the USA with the most stylish and mesmerizing designs. Besides offering rugs for sale, some special rug services such as repairing, cleaning, appraisal and rug pads are provided as well.

Not interested in buying rugs online? Then you are so welcomed to our store to have a journey among Persian rugs for free!

Which rug suits me better?

Although all types of Persian rugs are usually liked by every kind of taste, some people might be stricter in picking a new rug for their house. Thus, let’s categorize people with the different styles of rugs, too.

Fans of minimal arts

These people will probably like the following styles more:

  • Silk and wool
  • Contemporary
  • Transitional

History lovers

History lovers prefer historical arts as well:

  • Traditional
  • Antiques

Keens of deep cultures

When it comes to deep cultures, we probably remember the ancient areas such as the Middle East, Greece, etc.

  • Tribal
  • Traditional
  • Transitional
  • Antiques

No special interest!

Then surf among different styles and find which catches your eye the most. For sure, there is something that will fit you and your manner the best as Persian rugs are compatible with multiple tastes.